We transport medical specimens, donor blood products, supplies, confidential interoffice documents, and other potentially biological materials to departments and locations specified in accordance with route schedules.

Rapid Medical offers a variety of delivery time frames designed to ensure prompt and cost effective solutions specific to client needs.

Delivery Options

Rapid Medical provides same day pickup and delivery services for routine scheduled services, on-demand services, and emergency non-scheduled services exclusively to medical institutions.


As per scheduled routes, within +/- 15 minutes of preferred scheduled time.


Non-urgent pickups, within 4 hours of request.


Emergency requests for pickup and delivery to be completed within 2 hours of request.

Urgent Stat

Critical requests for pickup and delivery to be completed within 60 minutes of request.

Account services and management include trained labor, temperature-controlled vehicles, dispatch communication and equipment, vehicle and driver transportation supplies and equipment (hard sided transport containers, driver bags, wet/dry ice), lock boxes, our own proprietary software, RapidShip online customer portal, dedicated account management, and other supplies and equipment as required to provide requested services.

Dependable Service

  • Rapid Medical stands behind every pick up, providing peace of mind to the client.
  • High vehicle standards are maintained at all times.

Fleet Replacement

We provide comprehensive fleet-replacement solutions, reducing our clients’ liability and costs of maintaining in-house vehicles and employees.