The Rapid Advantage

Rapid focuses heavily on three major aspects: Technology, Branding, and Labor Law Compliance.

Our comprehensive approach to medical logistics is the reason our service is unmatched and consistent.


Technology is more than just a footnote at Rapid Medical. We believe that by properly adopting and utilizing the most up-to-date tooling that is reasonably available, we ensure not only our reliability and competitiveness in the market but our ability as a company to pursue ever higher standards of service. These tools further enable us to deliver efficiency in a responsible, safe, and scalable manner, continuously iterating and evolving our service along the way. In addition to our technology partners, we have a highly capable in-house engineering team that is passionate about solving the challenges that arise during any implementation.


As part of the employee model, Rapid has the flexibility to extend branding services to clients.

Labor Law Compliance

Certain states, such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California, have disrupted the medical logistics industry by passing aggressive labor laws that prohibit the use of independent contractors. These states now require companies to bring these contractors on board as employees. In these states, Rapid operates with the employee model to protects our customers from government scrutiny, avoiding transgression of state labor laws. This means that all of our delivery associate are trained Rapid Medical employees, not independent contractors.