By properly adopting and utilizing the most up-to-date tooling that is reasonably available, Rapid ensures not only our reliability and competitiveness in the market but our ability as a company to pursue ever higher standards of service. These technologies allow Rapid to minimize mistakes and paper, while maximizing visibility, accountability, delivery efficiency, responsibility, and improve overall performance from routing to billing. Each technology can be custom-built per our clients’ needs and can be integrated to our clients’ APIs.

Rapid’s technology-forward outlook opens doors to innovation, allowing our clients to take advantage of a modern infrastructure and fuel growth.

Our Proprietary Software

Our proprietary route management software, which has been built on Salesforce and integrates into our Courier & Dispatch Management Solution, is our key to delivering excellence. It provides a rich and robust feature set that includes but is certainly not limited to algorithm based routing, real-time tracking, predictive analytics, comprehensive APIs and webhooks as well as all of the fundamentals – online delivery history, billing & technical support, photo verification, delivery verification, performance analysis, and EDI. In addition to this, our drivers, dispatch managers, and back office support personnel are all provided with the same comprehensive tooling, keeping everyone, from our customers to senior management and support staff, in one ecosystem.

  • Algorithm Based Routing – Factor in dozens of data points to determine the most optimal routes from A to B.
  • Real Time Analytics – View where your orders are at, in real time, all of the time
  • Predictive Analytics – Identify and address problems before they arise.
  • Performance Management – Monitor both delivery and route performance both in real time and on an ongoing basis.
  • REST API’s & Webhooks – Integrate anything; high reliability and scalability. Redundancy ensures transactions occur as expected.
  • EDI & Legacy Integration Methods – Support for EDI & legacy integration methods such as XML/SOAP and CSV via FTP.


Rapid’s own proprietary software, built in house to provide a high level of visibility when it comes to order management, shipping, and billing.