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With headquarters in New York, California, and Maryland, Rapid Medical Logistics is a leading full-service provider of logistics solutions for the medical industry throughout the United States. We specialize in transporting laboratory specimens, pharmaceuticals, blood, organs, and classified documents for hospitals, laboratories, and other medical providers. Our company’s senior management team is comprised of industry experts with a proven track record, strong reputation, and extensive industry relationships. With an extensive coverage network stretching across the country, we provide efficient and cost effective solutions while navigating each region’s current legal climate. We partner with our clients to support their needs by building custom-tailored delivery solutions to ensure their businesses run seamlessly.

Dedicated Routing

Dedicated, scheduled routing to create consistent delivery/pickup times

On-Demand Services

24 hour dispatch available for routes on‑demand

Stat Pick-Up

Urgent pickup availability for time‑sensitive deliveries

Mission Statement

At Rapid, we understand the critical nature of the items we transport, and that efficiently and safely transporting them is an essential factor of the total healthcare delivery system. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being Reliable, Agile, Proactive, Innovative, and Devoted. In adhering to this maxim, our aim is to understand client expectations, develop opportunities that optimize their supply chain, and foster empowering partnerships to achieve their ultimate objectives and vision.

Values Statement

Rapid Medical’s unwavering guiding principles have persisted since our inception and continue to lead us through our developments. They reflect our beliefs, characterize our culture, and steer our actions. Adhering to our core values has allowed Rapid to grow and succeed as a company, and to preserve long-term partnerships with our customers.

Above all, the Value of Life is of the utmost importance to Rapid Medical and lies at the heart of what we do. Our main objective is the safe and timely handling and transport of the critical items that directly impact the health and well-being of our customer’s customers – people and animals. Knowing that a patient is behind every delivery, we ensure dependable service and treat all deliveries with a sense of urgency.

Uncompromising Integrity

No Moral Shortcuts

Through strict corporate standards, we operate our business ethically, morally, honestly, and fairly. We are fiscally responsible, legally compliant, socially responsible, and dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety standards for all employees and customers.


We are in this Together

Our success lies in our client-centric approach — understanding our customers and sharing like-minded goals and visions to create win-win solutions for both parties. Continuous process improvements as well as a clear and open line of communication with our customers is what allows us to deliver superior customer service and exceptional performance and productivity.

Teamwork & Leadership

Our Values Begin with our People

We utilize careful recruiting nuances to build a strong team of talented people, and constantly invest in the development of our employees to further sharpen their skills and instill a sense of ownership within them. Through employee engagement, team-building activities, and incentive programs, we encourage individual empowerment and responsible leadership.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation Dictates the Future

With a forward-thinking outlook and an appetite to grow, we are driven by improvement and are constantly re-evaluating our operations to stay relevant and at the top of our evolving industry. We are constantly sharpening our IT infrastructure, and are committed to utilizing the most advanced technology and analytics tools to increase real-time visibility and control, improve accuracy and efficiency, and to reduce mistakes, waste, and costs.

Dedication to Excellence & Quality

Raising the Bar

We pursue best practices and strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything that we do. We possess a strong work ethic, where exceptional performance and flawless execution is always our goal as we seek to transform our clients into better businesses.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Commitment to Equitable Treatment

We are a proud equal opportunity employer, continuously promoting diversity and inclusiveness within our workforce. We strongly believe that the strength of our team is the harmony of their unique contributions to our company—We leverage each individual’s skill and background to enhance and broaden our vision.

Environmental Initiatives

We at Rapid Medical Logistics acknowledge that supply chain sustainability is increasingly important for the future of our business, industry, and our world. In addition to profitability being a major business driver, we are also passionate about being environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint.

A key element of our business, which satisfies both goals, is the utilization of shipment consolidation and route optimization. By using algorithms to establish the most efficient route for every vehicle on the road, we are able to reduce our miles, and, therefore, our fuel costs and consumption. To drive this initiative further, we use the most effective and advanced management software and technologies, which, not only enhance our logistics solutions, but also decrease gas emissions, reduce paperwork, increase data accuracy, and simplify integration with other tools and systems. We also perform periodical fleet maintenance and river training in order to improve our vehicles’ lifetime and fuel efficiency. Within our facilities, we reduce energy consumption and waste, by strictly using electronic documentation by implementing recycling efforts.

How It Works

Watch this short clip to find out more about how Rapid Medical can help you.

Why Rapid?

Focus on Core Competency

An operational partnership with Rapid will enable senior management to focus on maintaining strong research, developing culture and increasing brand awareness, without sacrificing courier efficiency.

Propel Growth

Our exceptional customer service, Southern California presence and technological capabilities will catalyze sustainability, predictability and optimization. As your medical courier partner, we are committed to expanding your footprint and supporting your multi-channel growth.